Color rendering of a brick and wood home design.

Contemporary Homes

“Can you design a contemporary home?”

This is a question we are asked all the time. Our goal is to design your home in the style you prefer. So yes, this means we can design a contemporary homes as well.

While the cottage and craftsman style have been trending for the last few years, we are seeing a growing interest towards contemporary homes. These are a few of our more contemporary projects which have been designed over the last few years and are heading into construction.

View of Tim McCotter with clients in background

A Clients Perspective

Why should you hire an architect?

After completing the construction of their new home, we meet with Jayme and Jason to understand why they hired an Architect.

Curved roof entry with tapered pillars

Home is about the Details

There is no reason to be intimidated by the idea of hiring an architect.

Take a look at Mark’s home, which is a perfect example of how your ideas are an integral part of the design solution.

View of grand fireplace in Great room

Hunting Preserve

Every project presents its own unique set of challenges. These elements however, become the design opportunities that make your project unique. So whatever challenges you might face, designing your home is what we love to do.

Covered porch along front of house inspired by cottage feeling

A Little Cabin in the Big Woods

Thinking of building a new home?

Don’t just assume that because you are looking for a small home that you only have a small number of choices.

Color computer rendering of prairie style entry

Relaxing Retreat

Each home is a unique reflection of the clients desires

This client was looking for a tree house in the woods. See how the design evolved from sketches to their dream home.

Color computer rendering of rear of home with pool

Country Estate

There is a dynamic which exists in every project. This project was no different as the wife wanted a home while the husband wanted a castle. The goal is to blend this dynamic into a design they both love..