Let's Call an Architect

Time to Play – Let’s Call an Architect

That first phone call to the Architect can be intimidating and maybe even a little overwhelming. Don’t be afraid, we are just here to help. However, your call can tell us a lot about the project. Maybe even a few things you hadn’t realized.

Tim officiating over wedding of Owner and Contractor

Finding the Right Contractor

We have all heard the horror stories about construction. However, with the right contractor you can have a Happily Ever After.

Tim in yard with Toilet

Finding the Perfect Property

Buying property is an exciting prospect, but to you know what to look for? There is more to land than just what you see from the road.

Tim sitting in window sill of home under construction

When to Hire an Architect

While commercial construction always requires an Architect’s involvement, residential isn’t quite as simple. So let’s talk a little bit about when you should hire an architect, and more importantly…when not to.

Design Plan books

Buying Home Plans Online

Thinking of buying your home plans online? Let’s talk a little bit about the benefits and risks of online plans.